Susanne Roewer was finishing the undergraduate studies in material sciences (Non-metallic-Inorganic Materials) at Freiberg Technical University before starting her artistic career. She graduated from Berlin University of the Arts in 1999 with a Meisterschueler-degree in sculpture. For several years, she has run a studio in Berlin and the famous G7 Berlin network gallery before relocating to Switzerland, to pursue investigations in different materials supported by several art programs and collectors. Her artwork has been shown in different national and international galleries, museums and art associations. She completed four art-within-architecture projects. Residencies and grants took her to Tasmania, California, Florida, Indiana and Scotland. Susanne lives now in Berlin and is represented by Gallery Kornfeld, Berlin.

photo: Juergen Bode, Salzwedel


link to CV @Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin

photo: Antje Forgó & Gerhard Haug, Berlin

Artist Statement

With a degree in and the knowledge of material sciences’ plus my art studies and my nimble ability of my fingers for sketch out ideas and thoughts on paper, walls or metal, I conceived this form and selected the most fitting material for its design in 3-dimensions. Pieces develop from stories, always triggered by a poetic part of human life and society, absurd or romantic, heroic or stupid, political or stand-alone. Through research and teaching I always present contemporary sculpture as the necessary outcome of –firstly – the development and the skills as well as trial and error of mankind during some thousand years walking – secondly – hand in hand with men’s will to give immaterial things a material expression: power, transcendence, reason, freedom or love.

© Susanne Roewer, 2023